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Our Canberra Cafe is one of the Cafe restaurant in Greenway, ACT which is well known for the specialised dishes such as BREAKFAST, LUNCH FROM THE OCEAN, Coffee, BURGERS, PIZZZAS, DRINKS and a lot more. When the order is placed, you would receive a text confirmation confirming your delivery. To view all the dishes in our menu, please click on the order online button and grab our offers.

The official website of Canberra Cafe provides our customers with an easy and secure way to order from our takeaway menu online. Safely pay via credit card or paypal or cash. It is free to use and after each order you will receive an SMS confirmation with your approximate delivery or pick up time. Enjoy your food!.


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Cappuccino is a simple, classic Italian coffee drink that originated in Italy, and is traditionally prepared with steamed milk foam. Some will use Cream as well instead of milk on top. Easy to make with regular ingredients – ground coffee, preferably an espresso blend, Sugar, milk and needed Cocoa powder for sprinkle on top.

Aloha Pizza

Aloha Pizza is made specifically for kids it’s the best!! This pizza made with the most accurate ingredient like with Bacon and Pineapple, tortilla, marinara sauce and Cheddar cheese on top, this pizza is a combination of two delicious pizzas. A perfect dish easy weeknight dinner.

Hamburger With Lot For

Mouthwatering Hamburger with Chips starts with a creamy toasted bun topped with barbecue sauce, a grilled burger patty topped with cheese, and finally serves with crispy potato chips! So yummy and so delicious.

Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie is a refreshing drink to recharge your energy levels and contains less calories and also offer lots of healthy Benefits, its color and sweetness makes kids favorite delicious beverage treat. These creamy strawberry milkshakes made with a simply with just 4 ingredients: fresh strawberries, vanilla extract, ice cream, and milk.

Lasagna with Salad

Lasagna with salad looks too good to eat; Lasagna is a type of pasta to eat all-in-one meal. It is an Italian dish made of weighted layers of thin flat pasta alternating with fillings such as vegetables, cheese, and seasonings, spices such as garlic, oregano and basil


Restaurant Opening Hours

Lunch Schedule ( Pickup )

  • Monday 07:30 Hrs TO 15:30 Hrs
  • Tuesday 07:30 Hrs TO 15:30 Hrs
  • Wednesday 07:30 Hrs TO 15:30 Hrs
  • Thursday 07:30 Hrs TO 15:30 Hrs
  • Friday 07:30 Hrs TO 15:30 Hrs
  • Saturday 08:00 Hrs TO 13:00 Hrs
  • Sunday Closed


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150-180 Soward Way, Greenway ACT 2900, Australia

Open Hours:

Monday to Friday: 07:30 Hrs - 15:30 Hrs

Saturday: 08:00 Hrs - 13:00 Hrs


+61 4 2459 5677

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